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BioCAID is revolutionizing how artificial intelligence and machine learning are harnessed to build a new generation of Assistive knowledge services to enhance user awareness and grasp of comprehension across silos of information and expertise in Biomedical, Life Sciences, Healthcare and Applied Sciences. Our proprietary platform technologies and user applications deliver intelligent semantic frameworks and computational services wrapped around host document libraries and data repositories integrated with human context and meaning as curated user/group.  The resulting “Smart Data” and analytics is enhanced with intuitive visual navigation and curation of related term concepts.  BioCAID goes beyond legacy search to associate shared meanings and relationships between terms, and how those terms relate to text/data repositories and the user’s curiosity and interest. We deliver advanced literature discovery and hypotheses decision support services to leverage enhanced user comprehension and insights for innovation productivity and ROI. 

BioCAID’s Intelligent MEDLINE Discovery Integration (IMDI) platform will catalog the more than 2.4 million biomedical terms to magnify users’ comprehension as they discover hidden and unknown relationships and meanings across data repositories such as the National Institutes of Health MEDLINE library of 28 million scientific publications and associated University, CDC, and DoD repositories. Leveraging IMDI conceptual knowledge services and Smart Data outcomes to deliver semantic relationship visualization and navigation services to the internet based Home Health Search market, in addition to the professional researcher, will speed up discovery, This is currently an untapped market space BioCAID intends to pioneer and lead. 

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