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Our Mission Is To expand our user’s reach of awareness and grasp of comprehension across diverse silos of information and fields of expertise, to enhance our user’s access to and identification of relevant information.

Or, more simply, we strive to compound your knowledge by assisting user innovation discovery and outcomes for improved Return on Investment.

We offer Intelligent Knowledge Technologies for Accelerating Scientific Discovery and Innovation

Our Team

Tony Prestigiacomo, CEO

Tony Prestigiacomo, CEO

Anthony Prestigiacomo is CEO and Founder of BioCAID whose experience bridges academic, governmental, and commercial research and development. He is a published researcher with an active portfolio of patents and has participated as PI or Co-PI in numerous research proposals and grants up to $5,000,000 for the NSF Digital Library Initiative. Mr. Prestigiacomo has over 30 years’ experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Libraries and Electronic Health Records (EHR) including programs for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Library of Medicine (NLM) MEDLINE, Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), and Medical Subject Heading) MeSH global platforms and has participated in the research, development, and launch of software technologies from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Major NIH projects include Gold Standards Review Committee membership for the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) initiative for caBIG, the world’s largest cancer research computational and data GRID system supporting advanced bioinformatics and life sciences repositories with technologies integrating structured and unstructured data and text with mining, analytics, semantics. using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI for deep learning/reasoning with decision support to develop over the horizon Literature-Based Discovery (LBD) and hypothesis generation applications. Mr. Prestigiacomo founded BioCAID, Inc to leverage his experience, inventions, and commercialization strategy for his Associative Relevancy inventions into new patents and technologies for intelligent conceptual knowledge frameworks as “Assistive” AI applications supporting enterprises, researchers, and consumers in the biomedical, life sciences, healthcare, and related industries. A partial list is available at: https://independent.academia.edu/PrestiTony.

Rajnish Gupta

Chief Technology Office, & Board Member

Mr. Gupta is a technologist with deep experience in healthcare informatics, enabling enterprise-wide solutions thru technology, innovation and management. He is responsible for overseeing BioCAID’s  long-term product strategy  and each phase of IMDI application platform delivery to meet the functional requirements and deliver according to our customer expectations. Mr. Gupta has excellent organization and communication skills that are demonstrated in his managing and mentoring people and  planning and delivering on projects.  Mr. Gupta has participated in NIH (National Institute of Health), the Government’s Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG), and Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) initiatives, among others. Furthermore, he has co-authored multiple research publications on initiative outcomes, best practices and Standard Operating Procedures. Mr. Gupta has diverse knowledge within the IT industry with a focus on Software architectures and SDLC Methodologies,  and Integration Semantics and Semantic Metadata. His previous works implement Business Intelligence in Data Warehousing projects along with handling Metadata management for Enterprise Architecture. Mr. Gupta is utilizing his knowledge and skills on Big Data Analytics, NLP (Natural Language Processing), Machine Learning and other multiple technologies to address the complex business imperatives that are needed to deliver the advanced technologies required by BioCAID.

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Karen Rands

Business & Capital Development Officer, Board Member

Karen Rands has deep experience with translating technology innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities into business opportunities for private placement and institutional funding. Her academic training, BA in Economics and MBA in marketing gave her the foundation to build upon her real world experience of helping entrepreneurs succeed.  Before starting her own business to help companies get capital to develop innovative technologies and successfully conduct product launches, Karen worked to do just that for IBM.  During the last 20 years, hundreds of companies have gained the knowledge, resources and capital to launch and grow their businesses under the guidance and programs offered by Ms. Rands.  She is the author of  the best selling book, “Inside Secrets to Angel Investing”.  She is the host of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Radio Show.

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Scott Wold

Sales & Marketing Exec

Scott Wold and his role:  Results-driven leader with expertise and proven track record in revenue generation, sales team development, marketing strategy and business development. 


BioCAID Careers

BioCAID is an AI software technology company solving fundamental problems experienced by bioscience research individuals and institutions encountered when seeking to build upon, rather than repeat, prior discovery.   As an early stage company we are seeking to build out our team with qualified professionals in application development, user interface design, digital media marketing, enterprise sales, and customer service and support.   Please use our contact page to reach us to learn more, or check back as we add specific positions that become available.

BioCAID offers a more intelligent approach to the literature research and discovery processes:

  • Create better theories and well-defined baseline knowledge references, thereby increasing successful research discovery
  • Visual navigation, integration and aggregation of library research publications and knowledge saves time, raises research discovery and innovation productivity and reduces odds and costs of failure
  • Collect, comprehend and share research investigations and knowledge references for deep learning and assistive reasoning

Universities libraries and
teaching hospitals

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals

Pharmaceutical and biotech

Commercial and academic researchers

Advertisers seeking high quality term associations and demographics for consumers, medical devices & lab equipment, drugs & therapeutics, healthcare providers
& insurance companies

Doctor-patient as a
partner relationships

Home Health Search (HHS) consumers

Company History and Founder Inspiration

The standard operating procedure for any scientist is to document every theory, every step, every decision, from concept to hypothesis to discovery to the outcome of the research.  Since 1836, the National Library of Medicine has been gathering that information from studies and papers, cataloging it, and storing a digital version in their MEDLINE database. Medline is the world’s largest biomedical and life sciences library for scientific publication, and is the center of a global economy for scientific research. Medline has over 28 Million documents and images available free to the global community for research and discovery. However, the delivery of the data based on an user’s (scientist, researcher, or casual home based searcher) inquiry is limited by the antiquated search methods.

Over a decade ago, BioCAID founder, Anthony Prestigiacomo, began tackling this problem through his company Araicom Research to patent and develop his invention of Associative Relevancy for conceptual knowledge visualization, navigation and integration for deep learning and inference. This prior research by Mr. Prestigiacomo and Araicom have led to sponsored and collaborative research to develop computational technologies for Semantic Extraction, Literature Discovery and Language Modeling algorithms. These patent protected technologies establish thought leadership within the emerging domain of Assistive Artificial Intelligence applications integrating the knowledge in the libraries with the knowledge and interests of the researcher to increase research discovery and innovation productivity. As part of this prior research, peer-reviewed alpha protypes were created to test and document the power of these algorithms to deliver better literature research outcomes.  A video recording of that demo is available on our DEMO & INFO Page (live link to that page)

BioCAID, LLC was formed in 2018 for the specific intent of commercializing the technology into the IMDI (Intelligent Medline Discovery Integration) Platform.  The platform will include a Freemium version for the casual Home Health Search user, a paid subscription version for medical professionals, and an enterprise license for research universities and centers. BioCAID’s IMDI platform accelerates the generation of new ideas and biomedical advances by bringing to the surface the conceptual relationships and new discoveries that exist in medical literature.

It is generally held that ideas come from a subconscious process that takes two relatively unassociated thoughts and combines them together to produce a new thought a new idea. BioCAID’s IMDI platform accelerates the generation of new ideas and biomedical advances by bringing to the surface the conceptual relationships and opportunities that exist in medical literature.