(Intelligent MEDLINE Discovery Integration)

Intelligent Knowledge Technologies for Accelerating Scientific Discovery and Innovation

Every day, thousands of biomedical and life sciences researchers look for answers in published literature knowing that answers are often hidden in the smallest detail, but with no easy way to discover the unknown related association.

BioCAID’s associative artificial intelligence platform, finetuned to the bioscience industry’s vast research distributed data repositories, will help medical professionals, researchers, and the casual inquirer to leverage this collective knowledge, find answers to their questions, and uncover valuable relationships in an easy, insightful, and expedient manner.

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BioCAID Intelligent Medline Discovery Integration

An intelligent discovery tool featuring intuitive visual navigation powered by Associative Relevancy Reasoning Engines (ARRE) integrated with advanced literature discovery and hypotheses validation algorithms delivers powerful new knowledge services to explore conceptual Deep Learning and enhance innovation discovery.


Find answers to complex and obscure issues.

Virtual research assistant to help quickly organize data.

Discover hidden relationships and trends that deliver meaning.